Special Issue of RWER on Public Economics and Public Administration

Real-World Economics Review has released a special issue (84-June 2018) on “The Public Economy and a New Public Economics.”  Peter Boettke (George Mason University) has written a nice short overview of “the conversation” to which this contributes, and I would also recommend his recent SEA presidential address on the same topic. Here is the table of contents from the issue:

Reconstructing a public economics: markets, states and societies
Michael A. Bernstein

There is more than one economy
Neva Goodwin

The public economy: understanding government as a producer. A reformation of public economics
June Sekera

Economic benefits of public services
David Hall and Tue Anh Nguyen

Bureaucracy shouldn’t be a dirty word: the role of people-responsive bureaucracy in a robust public economy
Janine R. Wedel

The need for a new public administration
James K. Galbraith

Industrial policy, then and now
Victoria Chick

Putting the nation-state back in: public economics and the global economy
Michael Lind

The entrepreneurial state: socializing both risks and rewards
Mariana Mazzucato

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