Call for Papers: Inaugural Fiscal Policy Seminar of the German Ministry of Finance

The seminar will be December 13-14th in Berlin and the theme is “Rethinking Market Discipline.” Authors for accepted papers receive travel and hospitality support from the ministry, and there is a cash prize for the best paper with the option to be published in International Tax & Pubic Finance. Here is the description:

The Fiscal Policy Seminar (FPS) will be held on an annual basis and aims to bridge the gap between academic research in public economics and policy-making.

The theme of the 2018 seminar is “Rethinking Market Discipline”with a specific eye on the challenges of institutional design, for example within the European Monetary Union. Our objective is to bring together leading academics and policy makers to showcase frontier academic work that enhances our understanding of the interaction of market discipline, fiscal sustainability and financial resilience, identifying new questions in research, policy making, and institutional design along the way.

We are especially interested in submissions covering topics that include, but are not necessarily limited to the following fields:

  • Market discipline, insurance mechanisms and stabilization
  • Fiscal challenges of exiting the Zero-Lower Bound with heterogeneous fiscal conditions
  • Doom loops: The interaction of fiscal policy and financial markets
  • Regulatory forbearance, consequences and reform options
  • Insolvency procedures for jurisdictions, also on sub-national levels

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