Call for Papers: Conference on Public Finance and the COVID Economy

It is the annual “miniconference” that has been hosted by various public affairs schools in recent years, and Georgia State’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies is hosting in May 2022 for an in-person event. Deadline for paper submission is February 18, 2022. This is from the call for proposals:

We are seeking paper proposals for a conference on Public Finance in the Covid and Post-Covid Economy. The pandemic period has been one of extremes, from severe budget cuts at the onset to budget surpluses funded largely through federal support, and from massive number of unemployed to labor shortages. We invite papers that examine how the pandemic has affected government revenue and expenditures, and government operations. Papers should be in the areas of public budgeting, taxation, municipal securities, public expenditure evaluation, organizational structure, and more.

We seek new papers that will encourage and push the debate about public finance in the post-COVID world. We invite proposals for papers that examine these and other policy issues at the national and subnational levels, in domestic and international contexts, utilizing a variety of empirical techniques. Proposals will be reviewed and competitively selected.

I hope to see you there!

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