New Issue of Public Finance Review

The March 2019 issue of Public Finance Review has been published:

Integrating Microsimulation Models of Tax Policy into a DGE Macroeconomic Model
Jason DeBacker, Richard W. Evans, and Kerk L. Phillips


Relative Tax Rates, Proximity, and Cigarette Tax Noncompliance: Evidence from a National Sample of Littered Cigarette Packs
Shu Wang, David Merriman, and Frank Chaloupka
Social Security and Saving: An Update
Sita Slavov, Devon Gorry, Aspen Gorry, and Frank N. Caliendo
Consumption Taxes, Income Taxes, and Revenue Sensitivity: States and the Great Recession
Howard Chernick and Cordelia Reimers
Does Foundation Giving Stimulate or Suppress Private Giving? Evidence from a Panel of Canadian Charities
Iryna Khovrenkov
Impact of Tax and Expenditure Limits on Local Government Use of Tax-supported Debt
Sharon N. Kioko and Pengju Zhang
Equilibria and Location Choice in Corporate Tax Regimes
Ben J. Niu

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