New Issue of Public Finance Review Available

The January 2019 issue of Public Finance Review is now available online:

Optimal Fiscal Policy in Overlapping Generations Models
Carlos Garriga


Natural Limits of Wealth Inequality and the Effectiveness of Tax Policy
Scott S. Condie, Richard W. Evans, and Kerk L. Phillips


Calculating Value Added of Prostitution with Multiple Data: A New Approach for Belgium
Stef Adriaenssens and Jef Hendrickx


Optimal Government Policies Related to Unemployment
Chia-Hui Lu


Millionaires or Job Creators: What Really Happens to Employment Growth When You Stick It to the Rich?
Ahiteme N. Houndonougbo and Matthew N. Murray


Adjusting State Public School Teacher Salaries for Interstate Comparison
Dan S. Rickman, Hongbo Wang, and John V. Winters


What Are the Financial Implications of Public Quality Disclosure? Evidence from New York City’s Restaurant Food Safety Grading Policy
Rachel Meltzer, Michah W. Rothbart, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Thad Calabrese, Diana Silver, Tod Mijanovich, and Meryle Weinstein

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