Research Round-up for July 13

Here are some recent working papers and publications that have otherwise gone unmentioned at PPF:

Support for contracting-out and public-private partnership: exploring citizens’ perspectives.” Hai (David) Guo and Alfred Tat-Kei Ho. Public Management Review.

Cost-Benefit and Fiscal Impact Analysis of Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit.” By Tatyana Guzman. Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis.

The Political Economy of Municipal Pension Funding.
By Jeffrey Brinkman, Daniele Coen-Pirani and Holger Sieg. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

Does Fiscal Oversight Matter?” By Désirée I.Christofzik and Sebastian Kessing. Journal of Urban Economics.

Amenities, Affordability, and Housing Vouchers.” By David S. Bieri and Casey J. Dawkins. Journal of Regional Science.

Court-Ordered Redistricting and the Law of 1/n.” By Dongwon Lee and Sangwon Park. Public Choice.

How Sensitive is the Average Taxpayer to Changes in the Tax-Price of Giving.” By Peter Backus and Nicky Grant. International Tax and Public Finance.

The Impact of Tax and Expenditure Limitations on Municipal Revenue Volatility.” By Tucker Staley, State and Local Government Review.

Public Debt Stabilization: The Relevance of Policymakers’ Time Horizons.” By Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Marco Di Pietro, Enrico Saltari, and Willi Semmler. Public Choice.

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