December issue of the NTJ (2019)

The new issue of the NTJ is now available online:

The Geometry of International Tax Planning After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: A Riff on Circles, Squares, and Triangles

Michael P. Donohoe, Gary A. McGill, and Edmund Outslay

Macroeconomic Effects of Reducing OASI Benefits: A Comparison of Seven Overlapping-Generations Models

Jaeger Nelson and Kerk Phillips

Rethinking the Green New Deal: Using Climate Policy to Address Inequality

Aparna Mathur

States’ Addiction to Sins: Sin Tax Fallacy

Lucy Dadayan

Taxing Wealth in an Uncertain World

Daniel Hemel

The Barriers Created by Complexity: A State-by-State Analysis of Local Sales Tax Laws in Light of the Wayfair Ruling

Whitney B. Afonso

After Wayfair: What Are State Use Taxes Worth?

John L. Mikesell and Justin M. Ross

Digital Services Taxes: Principle as a Double-Edged Sword

John Vella

The Superiority of the Digital Services Tax Over Significant Digital Presence Proposals

Wei Cui

Superiority of the VAT to Turnover Tax as an Indirect Tax on Digital Services

Karl Russo

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