Fundamentals of Public Budgeting and Finance

That is the title of a recent e-book through Springer-Link by Aman Khan (Texas Tech University). If you are at a university with the right subscription, you might be able to access it for free, but is $25 otherwise.

If I was teaching an undergraduate public budgeting and finance introductory course, I would likely adopt it as the main textbook.  It is budget heavy by design and therefore lighter on the tax side, but it has a chapter on evaluating a tax system and another that covers the different means of raising revenue through alternative instruments. Depending on the course and its role in the curriculum, I might also find it light on federalism and accounting, but those are hardly necessary additions so I think it is overall an excellent textbook for undergraduates that is easy on student budgets.

Disclaimer: I came across the book by Google Scholar recommendation. There was no contact with the author or publisher, and so no undue influence for the preparation of this post.

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