ABFM Doctoral Student Profile: Andrew Grandage

Andrew J. Grandage is a PhD Candidate, Academic Advisor, and Instructor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at The University of Georgia. His research focuses on issues concerning public management, specifically acquisition, project, performance, and financial management. Andrew will be presenting research from his dissertation (chaired by Katherine Willoughby), Turning the Project Management Lights On: Earned Value Management in the States, Saturday at 8 AM.

Andrew’s dissertation explores the growing role of Enterprise Project Management Offices in aligning business and project management practices with organizational strategies and operational goals. Specifically, he examines how Earned Value Management (EVM), a practice with an extensive history in the U.S. federal government, can be used as an effective performance management and budgeting system in state government. In the project management community, EVM is often referred to as “project management with the lights on”. Notably, the academic fields of public administration have yet to contribute to the EVM body of knowledge, despite its historical role in professional practice.

In the early portion of his career, Andrew was a financial analyst at Harris Corporation (now L3Harris Technologies), a major aerospace defense and information communications technology contractor. During his time at Harris, he worked in government acquisition, project, performance, and financial management. His research is heavily motivated by his professional experiences, namely implementing EVM and other performance management tools for the U.S. federal government and in a multitude of other environments.

It is from Andrew that I learned that China used more concrete from 2011 to 2013 than did the United States in the entire 20th century.

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