New Issue of Public Finance Review (May 2019)

The new issue announces the Outstanding Paper Award of 2018, which goes to Johsua M. Congdon-Hohman for “Retirement Reversals and Health Insurance: The Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act.

Here are the new articles:

State Rainy Day Funds and Government General Fund Expenditures: Revisiting the Stabilization Effect
Wenchi Wei and Dwight V. Denison

Local Governments and Economic Freedom: A Test of the Leviathan Hypothesis
Adam A. Millsap, Bradley K. Hobbs, and Dean Stansel

Growth Effects of VAT Evasion and Enforcement
Chandler McClellan

Vertical Grants and Local Public Efficiency: The Inference-disturbing Effect of Fiscal Equalization
Ivo Bischoff, Peter Bönisch, Peter Haug, and Annette Illy

Population Shifts and Discrete Public Services: Rationing Rules and the Support for Public Goods
Todd L. Cherry, Stephen J. Cotten, and Michael McKee

Spatial and Dynamic Features of Land Value Capture: A Case Study from Bogotá, Colombia
Néstor Garza

A Replication of “Is Public Expenditure Productive?” (Journal of Monetary Economics, 1989)
Christopher Clarke and Raymond G. Batina

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