Call for Papers: VIII Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing (Mexico City)

The conference is October 1-2, 2019, hosted by the Universidad Iberoamericana and the Center for Economic Reserach and Teaching (CIDE).

The Conference continues a joint initiative of academics and policy specialists in local finance that began in Spain in 2011 and subsequently continued in Argentina (2013), Brazil (2014), Chile (2015) , Spain (2016), Argentina (2017), and Colombia (2018).

The objective of the conference is to present a maximum of twelve research papers on topics related to: 1.Fiscal decentralization; 2. Efficiency and quality of sub-national welfare expenditures including public investments; 3. Subnational  tax collection; 4. Management of Sub-national Governments; 5. Debt and subnational financing; and 6. Subnational financing frameworks for climate change within Ibero-American countries (Latin America and Spain).

In previous conferences, a total of 92 papers have been presented, showing a great thematic and geographical coverage, adding to the growing importance of local finances in Latin America and the Caribbean, both in the research agendas and in policy matters. The ultimate goal is to create evidence based policy to improve fiscal systems in the region.

The call for papers seeks research and unpublished studies that, within the general themes listed above, to disclose new findings and research advances on local financing issues in Ibero-American countries. Through an academic selection committee, research papers selected will be invited to present their work in Mexico City October 1 and 2, 2019. This includes travel support and lodging for one professional to participate in the conference.

While the sessions seek to exchange views and policy innovations,  professionals of think tanks, national budget authorities such as national ministries of finance, international organizations, local public officials, and finally academics and students of public policy and public administration, economics public and public finances will likely participate in the audience.  Additionally, a half day will be devoted to a “Workshop on the Challenges of Local Financing” and ideas will be exchanged on the definition of research topics to be addressed in the next JIFL.

Fill out this form to participate.

I appreciate professor Heidi Jane Smith (Universidad Iberoamericana) for both the notice of the conference and the translation above. Do note that the conference itself will be in Spanish.

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