New Issue of Public Finance Review

See below or visit the journal issue’s landing page here.

Tax Incidence: Do Institutions Matter? An Experimental Study

James C. Cox, Mark Rider, and Astha Sen

National versus Local Production: Finding the Balance between Fiscal Federalism and Economies of Scale
William P. McAndrew

Compensating Changes to the Property Tax Levy? An Empirical Test of the Residual Rule
Spencer T. Brien

Fiscal Governance, Information Capacity, and Subnational Capital Finance
Tima T. Moldogaziev, Salvador Espinosa, and Christine R. Martell

The Growth of Local Education Transfers: Explaining How Older Households Have Supported Schools
Ryan M. Gallagher, Joseph J. Persky, and Haydar Kurban

The Short-term Effects of the Kansas Income Tax Cuts on Employment Growth
Tracy M. Turner and Brandon Blagg

 Competing for Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Local Governments in China
Chen Wu and Gregory S. Burge

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