New issue of International Tax & Public Finance

The October 2018 issue of International Tax & Public Finance has been released. Below are the table of contents. The working paper version of the Richard Bird essay was previously discussed on this blog here.

Optimal family taxation and income inequality 
Patricia Apps, Ray Rees

Sub-metropolitan tax competition with household and capital mobility 
Tidiane Ly

A test of fiscal sustainability in the EU countries 
Kyung-woo Lee, Jong-Hee Kim, Taeyoon Sung

Specific versus ad valorem taxes in the presence of cost and quality differences 
Kuang-Cheng Andy Wang, Ping-Yao Chou, Wen-Jung Liang

Distributional and revenue effects of a tax shift from labor to property
Jörg Paetzold, Markus Tiefenbacher

Is capital back? The role of land ownership and savings behavior 
Max Franks, David Klenert, Anselm Schultes

Tax treaties and foreign direct investment: a network approach 
Sunghoon Hong

Optimal tax routing: network analysis of FDI diversion 
Maarten van ‘t Riet, Arjan Lejour

Are global taxes feasible?
Richard M. Bird

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