Friday Research Round Up

Some recent research that has otherwise gone unmentioned here:

“Pension Taxes and Labor Supply: Evidence from a Historical Quasi-Experiment.” Olga Malkova. SSRN Working Paper.

“Information, Tax Salience, and Support for School Bond Referenda.” By Eric Brunner, Mark Robbins, and Bill Simonsen. Public Budgeting & Finance.

House Prices and Property Tax Revenues During the Boom and Bust: Evidence from Small-Area Estimates.” By Chris Goodman. Growth & Change.

“The Fiscal Disparity and Achievement Gap Between Extremely Wealthy and Poor School Districts in Illinois.” By Mary D. Bruce, Natalia Ermasova, and Linda Mattox. Public Organization Review.

“Inter-municipal Cooperation and Local Taxation.” Marie-Laure Breuille, Pascale Duran-Vigneron, and Anne-Laure Samson. Journal of Urban Economics.

“Partial Fiscal Decentralization Reforms and Educational Outcomes: A Difference-in-Difference Analysis for Spain.” Paula Salinas and Albert Sole-Olle. Journal of Urban Economics.

“Inclusive Fiscal Reform: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency in the International Tax System.” By David Bradbury and Pierce O’Reilly. International Tax & Public Finance.

“Do Sanctions Improve Compliance with Public Finance Laws and Regulations?” Richard Allen and Yugo Koshima. Public Budgeting & Finance

“Tax Compliance and Enforcement.” By Joel Slemrod. NBER Working Paper.

“Behavioral Public Economics.” By B. Douglas Bernheim and Dmitry Taubinsky. NBER Working Paper.

“Redistributing the Gains from Trade Through Progressive Taxation.” By Spencer Lyon and Michael Waugh. NBER Working Paper.

“Unintended Consequences of Eliminating Tax Havens.” By Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato. NBER Working Paper.

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