New Issue of Public Finance Review

The newest issue of Public Finance Review is now available, containing five research articles and two replication studies. Here is the table of contents:

How Did the Great Recession Affect Charitable Giving? By Arthur C. Brooks

Hesitating at the Altar: An Update on Taxes and the Timing of Marriage. By Nick Frazier and Margaret McKeehan.

Tax Compliance Costs: Cost Burden and Cost Reliability. By Sebastian Eichfelder and Frank Hechtner.

The Fiscal Effects of Work-Related Tax Expenditures in Europe. By Salvador Barrios, Serena Fatica, Diego Martinez-Lopez, and Gilles Mourre.

The Impact of Ideology on Investment Decisions of a Coalition: A Game Theoretic Analysis. By Ritika Jain and Shubhro Sarkar.

The Fiscal Impacts of Alternative Land Uses: An Empirical Investigation of Cost of Community Services Studies. By Christopher M. Clapp, James Freeland, Keith Ihlanfeldt, and Kevin Willardsen.

Replication of Goolsbee, Lovenheim, and Slemrod’s “Playing with Fire: Cigarettes, Taxes, and Competition from the Internet” (American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2010). By Emily Satterthwaite.

A Replication of “Do Voters Affect or Elect Policies? Evidence from the U.S. House” (Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2004). By Patrick Button.

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