Evidence Based Policy Issue of The ANNALS (July 2018)

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science has several articles on evidence based policy. The table of contents is here, and several are relevant to the field of public budgeting, particularly those interested in performance based budgeting:


Evidence-Based Policy: The Movement, the Goals, the Issues, the Promise by Ron Haskins


A Brief History of Evidence-Based Policy by Jon Baron

The Role of Evaluation in Building Evidence-Based Policy by Larry L. Orr

Major Elements of the Evidence-Based Movement

Evidence-Informed Policy from an International Perspective by Thomas Chupein and Rachel Glennerster

Use of Administrative Records in Evidence-Based Policymaking by Robert M. Groves and George J. Schoeffel

The Role of Behavioral Economics in Evidence-Based Policymaking by William J. Congdon and Maya Shankar

Managing toward Evidence: State-Level Evidence-Based Policymaking and the Results First Initiative by Patrick Lester

Pay for Success Is Quietly Undergoing a Radical Simplification by George M. Overholser

The Contributions of Institutions  

The Office of Management and Budget: The Quarterback of Evidence-Based Policy in the Federal Government by Kathy Stack

The Institute of Education Sciences: A Model for Federal Research Offices by Grover J. (Russ) Whitehurst

The Role of Federal Agencies in Creating and Administering Evidence-Based Policies by Rebecca A. Maynard

The Roles Foundations Are Playing in the Evidence-Based Policy Movement by Robert C. Granger

The Role of Nonprofits in Designing and Implementing Evidence-Based Programs by James X. Sullivan

Significance of the Evidence-Based Movement  

Can Evidence-Based Policy Ameliorate the Nation’s Social Problems? by Virginia Knox, Carolyn J. Hill, and Gordon Berlin

Evidence-Based Policy in the Real World: A Cautionary View by Adam Gamoran

A Policy-Maker’s View  

Generating and Using Evidence Will Help to Reduce Social Problems by Senator Todd Young

Following the Evidence to Reduce Unplanned Pregnancy and Improve the Lives of Children and Families by Senator Thomas R. Carper, Andrea Kane, and Isabel Sawhill

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