CEP Special Issue on Aging

Contemporary Economic Policy‘s has a special issue on aging for July 2018, which as one might expect has several articles on public finance. The introduction is written by guest editor Maureen Pirog, and the full issue TOC is here. Some selected articles of interest:

Longevity, Working Lives, and Public Finances.” By Jukka Lassila and Tarmo Valkonen.

Lifetime Taxpayer Contributions and Benefits of Medicare and Social Security.” By Jing Guo and Marilyn Moon.

The 80% Pension Funding Target, High Assumed Returns, and Generational Inequity.” By Robert Costrell.

Sweat the Small Stuff: Strategic Selection of Pension Policies Used to Defer Required Contributions.” By Jeffrey Diebold, Vincent Reitano, and Bruce McDonald.

Some Notes on the Redistribution Inherent in the U.S. Public Pension System.” By Sergio Nistico and Mirko Bevilacqua.

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