Research Round-Up for June 15, 2018

Some recent publications and working papers that have otherwise gone undiscussed on this blog:

Do Disasters Lead to Learning? Financial Policy Change in Local Government” by Deserai Crow, Elizabeth Albright, Todd Ely, Elizabeth Koebele, and Lydia Lawhon. Review of Policy Research.

How does inequality aversion affect inequality and redistribution?” By Matthew Murray, Langchuan Peng, and Rudy Santore. Journal of Economic Inequality.

Jurisdictional Overlap and the Size of the Local Public Workforce.” By Christopher B. Goodman. State and Local Government Review.

Fiscal Succession: An Analysis of Special Assessment Financing in California.” By Matthew McCubbins and Ellen Seljan. Urban Affairs Review.

Is There an Optimal Size for Local Governments? A Spatial Panel Data Model Approach.” By Miriam Hortas-Rico and Vicente Rios. GEN Working Paper.

Land Value Taxation in Vancouver: Rent-Seeking and the Tax Revolt.” By Christopher England. The American Journal of Economics and Sociology.

Power to the People? The Initiative Process and Fiscal Discipline in City Governments.” By Benedict Jimenez. Urban Affairs Review.

Does Fiscal Decentralization Affect Infrastructure Quality? An Examination of U.S. States.” By Monica Escaleras and Peter T. Calcagno. Contemporary Economic Policy.

Does CAP Spending Reflect Taxpayer Preferences? An Analysis of Expenditures for Public Goods and Income Redistribution in Relation to Preference Indicators.” By Felix Schlapfer and Ivo Baur. Conference Paper.

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