New Issue of Public Finance Review (July 2018)

The July issue of Public Finance Review has been published. Below are the contents:

Effects of Higher EITC Payments on Children’s Health, Quality of Home Environment, and Nonognitive Skills.” By Susan Averett and Yang Wang.

Time to Adoption of Local Option Sales Taxes: An Examination of Texas Municipalities.” By Whitney Afonso.

Retirement Reversals and Health Insurance: The Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act.” By Joshua Congdon-Hohman.

Tax Incentives and Noncompliance: Evidence from Swedish Micro Data.” By Annette Alstadsaeter and Martin Jacob.

The Effect of Fiscal Illusion on Public Sector Financial Management: Evidence from Local Government Property Assessment.” By Justin M. Ross and Sian Mughan

The Politics of Checkbook Federalism: Can Electoral Considerations Affect Federal-Provincial Transfers?” By Marcelin Joanis

The Effect of Oil Revenue Funds on Social Welfare.” By Dina Azhgaliyeva

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