Discussion Papers from “Public Finance and the New Economy” at the Andrew Young School

A little over a month ago, Georgia State’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies hosted a conference on “Public Finance and the New Economy.” I was fortunate enough to attend, and can attest that it was an outstanding and stimulating event. The full conference agenda can be found here, and about nine of the dozen or so discussion papers can be found at the conference website. Here the available papers, noting that most of them indicate that they are circulated for discussion and feedback only, and should not yet be cited or quoted without permission:

New Roles for the Property Tax

LOSTs in Translation: Yardstick Competition among Florida Counties
Author: Sarah Larson, University of Central Florida; Bruce McDonald III, North Carolina State University

How Does Village Dissolution Affect Property Values?
Author: Pengju Zhang, Rutgers University

Debt and Finance

State Tax Cuts and Debt Market Outcomes: Lessons from the Kansas Tax Cut Experiment
Authors: Rahul Pathak, Baruch College, CUNY; Komla Dzigbede, SUNY at Binghamton

Impact of Intergovernmental Revenue on Capital Spending: A Test of the Flypaper Effect
Author: Bernard Boadu, University of North Texas

Expenditures: Direct and Indirect

Preferences and Place: Why Preferences for Funding Education Vary Across the Urban-Rural Divide
Author: Kattalina Berriochoa, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Do Local Governments Represent Voter Preferences? Evidence from the Affordable Care Act on Local Government Support for Hospitals
Author: Victoria Perez, Justin Ross and Kosali Simon, Indiana University

New Roles for the Property Tax

Driverless Cars, Virtual Offices and Their Effects on Local Government Property Tax Revenues
Authors: Nicholas Warner and Peter Bluestone, Georgia State University

The American Retail Sales Tax: Depression’s Child in the New Economy of the 21st Century
Author: John Mikesell, Indiana University

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